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A Photographer Spills the Tea: 5 Tips to Skip the Stress On Your Wedding Day

Hopefully by the time you see this you've already read and re-read my recent post 5 Tips For Low-Stress Wedding Planning - and if you haven't, sis - go read it right now and come back to this one after! After posting my 5 tips, I heard from multiple couples who said they're implementing #4 straight away into their engaged life. I'm no Superwoman, but I am a Wedding that's basically the same thing right?

I truly believe in the advice that I shared in that post and continue to share - with my clients, my friends and anyone else I may offer some wedding planning advice to (heyyyyy girl to the many ladies I've met in lines for the bathroom! 😂). That being said, I am not to Queen of Weddings and I knew you'd benefit from soaking up a few more tips from a fellow Person Who Willfully Gives Up Weekends Consistently To Work And Actually Loves It...aka, a Wedding Vendor.

Enter: Andrea Vehige - a Wedding Photographer that I LOVE working with, travel junkie, Etsy Educator and Owner/Co-founder of Saltwater Prep, where you'll find yourself ooh-ing and ahh-ing over just about every single item from monogrammed floppy hats to sherpa tunics, iPad cases, t-shirts, planners, scalloped bags and more. You guys, Andrea is just absolutely KILLING it in this game called life and I am just so excited that she said yes to writing a blog post for me about HER 5 tips for a Low-Stress Wedding Day. Thank you Andrea! Let's dive in. Grace, OUT ✌️(All photos from this post by Andrea from Alyssa and Adam's wedding which we worked on together)!


Your wedding day is finally here!! YAY! For months you’ve planned this day: from the big stuff like your venue and your planner to the small stuff like programs and boutonnières, you’ve got it all. Now that it is here, I want you to be able to soak up every single minute of it. After all, this is one of the biggest, best days of your life! So, let’s talk about ways to make it as fun as possible…

Adam's aunt Melissa did an amazing job with the florals at the beautiful Wild Sun Winery. Heart eyes!

1. Trust Your Vendors By the time your big day rolls around, you have already done the heavy lifting. On your wedding day, I encourage you to relax, enjoy your day, and let your vendors do all the thinking. Trust that your photographer is getting all the necessary shots. Don’t sweat the timeline — that’s your planner’s job. The reception is going to be a blast, because you’ve already picked the perfect catering staff and an amazing DJ. Your only job on your wedding day is to be a bride, not a micro-manager, so enjoy your day + all the family and friends celebrating you! Trust me, your vendors have the rest under control. ;)

Your vendors have your back. Hair by Carlos at West End Creative Co.

2. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Your dress is going to get dirty. One guest might see you before the ceremony. It might be hot. Or cold. Or rainy. You might forget something. You might run a little late. Don’t sweat it. Go into your wedding day with the mindset that the only thing that must happen is the joining of you and your lifelong best friend in marriage. And that will happen rain or shine, early or late, with a dirty dress or a clean one. Thinking this way will take all the stress out of any minor setback that there could be on the wedding day.

You're lookin' at the actual most laid-back bride I've ever met. Such a #Bridechilla! Hair by Carlos at West End Creative Co. and makeup by Brides by Brady!

3. Put Away Your Phone Now, I am not trying to be a grumpy old grandma hating on millennials for using their phones all the time, but here’s the thing… I want you to remember your day. And not just from photos. I want you to remember how you felt while you were getting ready and how joyous it was to have dinner with your friends and family for the first time as husband and wife. Those kind of distinct memories only happen when you give the day your full attention. And family, this goes for you too. Enjoy your daughter’s/sister’s/brother’s/cousin’s wedding day. Celebrate with them! Don’t waste a moment away trying to get the perfect shot with your phone — that’s why you hired a professional photographer. Let them take care of documenting the day. You just focus on living it.

Come on, now. You know Portrait Mode has got NOTHIN' on this!

4. Pad the Timeline When you/your planner/your photographer are making the timeline, add in extra time. A lot of extra time. Allow for things like traffic or forgetting your makeup bag at the hotel. As much as we wish every single thing would run perfectly on the wedding day, it rarely does. Add in little pockets of time throughout the day to make up for the little setbacks. BONUS TIP: Arrange transportation before hand. If your ceremony and reception are at different places, consider renting a bus for the wedding party or coordinating rides before the big day! Handling driving/parking logistics on the day of is just one more thing to think about.

They're on a mission to get to the altar. Don't be late, guys!

5. Dance! It’s your wedding day — the happiest day of your life!!! :) Get out on the floor and dance with all your family and closest friends! You’ll only regret not doing it!

If you take only one thing from this post, let it be to remember what your day is really all about. Though having the perfect dress, beautiful flowers, and a magnificent cake is super fun and exciting, the day was never about a dress, flowers, or a cake. This whole day happened because you love your fiancé a whole stinkin’ lot + you make each other really happy. Let your day be a reflection of that of that love and joy. :)

Alyssa and Adam danced. They partied. They smiles and laughed and cried. They never took their eyes off each other and never even glanced at the timeline. BE LIKE ALYSSA AND ADAM! :)

I don't know about y'all but I nodded my head in agreement pretty much the whole time reading Andrea's advice! She knows her stuff, for real. If you're looking for a photographer turned BFF, head on over to Andrea's online portfolio If you want to buy some or learn about opening your own Etsy shop, Andrea dishes so much helpful information here. And if you're just looking to get inspired, or learn more about this multi-talented babe, click here!

VENDOR LOVE from Alyssa + Adam's special day:

Venue and Bar: Wild Sun Winery

Photographer: Andrea Vehige

Video: Luxe Studios

Planning: Saving Grace Occasions

Catering and wedding cake: Russo's Catering

Hair: West End Creative

Makeup: Brady's Barbies

Florist: Melissa Rainey

Wedding cookies: Catherine's Cakery

DJ: Entourage Mobile Entertainment

Popcorn: Poptions!

Sourgough Rolls: The Breadsmith

Be sure to let us know what you think of this post in the comments and know that I'm always keeping my ears open for blog post ideas! Have a question about invitation etiquette? Want to see a mood board for a unique summer wedding? LMK!



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