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Inspired by Her: Financial Advisor, Mama of twins and trusted friend Kate Morrison

You know when you meet someone and immediately know you have so much to learn from them? I was inspired by Kate Morrison-Haring from the moment I met her. We were at Mardi Gras party that I almost didn't go to and we were the only two people around talking about work and thoroughly (actually) enjoying it. I don't even remember how we got on the topic, but we discussed our passion for our jobs (Kate, a Financial Advisor at Edward Jones, me, a Wedding Planner who "can't math"). We talked about The Skimm, our short and long-term goals and how we can work together in the future. I promise are fun at parties you guys!!! During this whole conversation we drank champagne and dove into a delicious Cajun crawfish boil, so don't hate!

Me circa Mardi Gras 2016 upon meeting Kate^^

Fast forward to now and Kate's the only one I trust with my money, honey. Kate's such an important part of my life because she helps me make serious financial decisions by explaining my options for saving for the future IN AVERAGE JANE TERMS and drinks wine with me while doing it, which is lovely especially while discussing big scary adult stuff. She updates me on the stock market, lets me know when she thinks it's time for me to make a change and always explains in detail why she recommends certain plans for me. Plus, she listens. Like really listens and knows me on a personal level.

I think a lot of my friends and (especially my entrepreneurs!) could really benefit from inviting this boss woman into their lives, and that's why this #InspiredByHer is all about my friend and my financial guru, Kate Morrison. Q + A starts now!

SGO: What is your role as a Financial Advisor?

KM: As a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones I get to partner with people in the community to help them achieve their most important short and long term financial goals.

SGO: What is your "why"? (Anyone who works with you knows this, but my readers don't yet)!

KM: In 2008, I joined Edward Jones at our Home Office in St. Louis. After years of training and coaching Financial Advisors across the country I realized two things. #1 - there are not enough women in this very important role (only 19% of our industry is made up of women) and #2 - there are too many women intimidated by financial jargon. Empowering other women has always been very important to me. Today I seek to empower women by partnering with them to be confident in their financial situation - whatever that may be - so that they can focus on what's most important to them.

Kate doing her thang (listening, learning and offering amazing advice in return)!

SGO: You're a mom of two sweet kiddos and you work 65+ hours per week (!!!). A lot of my past brides have similar lives. I work with so many amazing vendors who own their businesses and do the mom thing as well. How do you do it and what advice do you have for other working mamas?

KM: I do have two sweet kiddos! Cooper is 2 minutes older than his twin sister Marley. They're two peas in a pod and keep us on our toes. I also have a talented and dedicated husband, Erik. He and I made a choice as a family to build this business. We consider it "ours" because without an "us" none of it would work. Erik has committed to taking on most of the roles at home. He works full time as well and yet commits himself and his energy to most everything outside of work. We know that these roles will shift over time as this is part of our long term planning. We also have the help of our parents. We are one blessed crew.

The advice I have for others:

- Communicate often and communicate well.

- Ask for help.

- Ask for more help.

- Take time for you and don't regret it or feel one ounce of guilt. Everyone is better because you do.

- Say thank you and be grateful.

- Balance doesn't mean 50/50. Sometimes you'll need to give more to the business than your family - that's ok! Sometimes your family will require more than the business - that's ok!

Kate's minis about to enjoy some not-so-mini Edward Jones cupcakes

SGO: What apps do you recommend for financial planning purposes?

KM: Any planning begins with a well thought out and understood budget. I love the YNAB app!

SGO: What advice do you have for those planning their wedding and paying for it themselves?

KM: It's hard to give advice in general without understanding the situation. Bottom line is HAVE A PLAN. What do you want to do, how much will it cost, what do you have to spend what does that mean you'll need to save. Begin with the end in mind and work backwards. Create priorities and identify what's most important to make this very special day memorable while being smart with your finances.

SGO: What advice do you have for married couples when it comes to planning for the future and keeping their finances in check as a team?

KM: We have many "life event" checklists. This is one of them! There are many things to consider when becoming a team. I recommend partnering with a financial advisor to determine what's best for each married couple.

Kate and her sweet family

SGO: How can my people (couples, vendors, friends, family or anyone else reading) contact you for help?

KM: You're welcome to reach me at the office 314-909-4792 or we can connect via Facebook or Linked In.

There you have it, everyone! I seriously couldn't recommend Kate more. This is not an ad (y'all know I'm not popular enough for that) and I would never post about or recommend anyone or any service that I don't truly believe in. Kate, thank you so very much for everything: for your wise advice, for helping me get on the right path and for your friendship and fierce support in all things SGO and in my personal life. I can't wait to work with you for years to come (and to see you this week for our check in meeting)!



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