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Close But No Confetti: What To Do When your Decor Options Are Slim

"Help!! My wedding venue doesn't allow confetti!"

This is a common issue we run into as Wedding Planners, and while it may suddenly seem like all of your delicate, beautiful, fluttering wedding photo dreams are ruined, I promise that is not the case. We are creatives, people! This means we have some fun ideas to "trick the system" and find a way for you to get those gorgeous images you were dreaming of like this one on your wedding day:

Photo found in WeddingDay Magazine by Caitlin Sullivan Photography

It's important to note before we continue: before you take my advice and run with it all the way to the craft store, ask your Venue Coordinator if your plan B will work in line with your venue's rules (and make sure to ask them in writing)! This way you'll avoid any issues come wedding day, and you'll still love me. It's a win-win.


Photo by Alex Nardulli

Sparklers are a gorgeous way to send you on your way to the hotel or after party following a reception. My suggestion is to just get enough for the wedding party and immediate family, though. No need to have 100+ guests who have been drinking playing with fire! You'll get the same quality photo to hang in your home without the hassle of wrangling so many people and trying to tell them what to do over and over again. If your venue allows this, be sure someone (ahem, your wedding planner!) is armed and ready with lighters to light the sparklers before the photo and buckets with sand inside to put the sparklers out in. Never leave them on the ground, for safety purposes and to keep the exterior of your venue sparkling clean! Easy clean up and it’s back to the party!

Ribbon shakers

Photo by Vein + Vessel

Ribbon shakers are basically foolproof: they don't leave a mess, they are beautiful in photos and you can incorporate your wedding colors to tie the look together! Libby and Vikas (who just celebrated their one year anny - congrats you two!) had ribbon shakers with bells set out at each place setting and guests shook them as they entered the dinner reception as husband and wife. It was gorgeous and totally set the mood for a fun evening.

Biodegradable potporri/confetti

Photo by Jacoby Photo and Design

This one only works for those venues that are against confetti for the sole reason that it's harmful to the environment, but would allow a natural version of the original confetti idea. Great for a wedding toss after the kiss that pronounces you married or departing the ceremony venue on your way out to a getaway car, this stuff is eco-friendly, water soluble and requires little to no cleanup. It's not a bad idea to have a small broom and dust pan on hand in case of emergency (like if the confetti sinks into the space between bricks). Etsy is your friend for this one!

Pom poms

Yes, I'm talking about those pom poms - the ones you got glued to your fingers with Elmer's growing up and seemingly had endless amounts of in your craft closet! I know what you're thinking: "Rainbow pom poms for my wedding?!" but hear me out. The photo below was taken using them and just look at how gorgeous! They may look silly and like they belong at a children's birthday party by the handful, but after you've tossed them in the air and taken (and retaken as needed) the photo you're going for, you'll see that there really is beauty in a tried and true kid's best friend.

Photo by Jessica Grace Photography

What we don't recommend is bubbles. They are often hard to photograph, can be very sticky and the residue from spillage may stain your dress! Just typing those words hurts my heart. I just wouldn't risk it.

So there you go: there's always a plan B, and even C and D! For more ideas, ask your bride squad or wedding planner to check out Pinterest for more ideas. And as it goes for planning a wedding in general, try to think of every every setback as a way to get more creative and make your wedding that much more unique. Remember: planning your wedding is supposed to be fun! You still win in the end, even without confetti :) XO, SGO

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