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Royally Romantic: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot tomorrow!

The Royal Wedding is tomorrow and we're all very excited and also not crying even a little bit about the fact that Prince Harry chose Meghan over us. Prince Harry is one of the world's most eligible bachelors who also just happens to have the most dreamy accent and a list of humanitarian work longer than a Cathedral veil, so when we heard he proposed to Meghan in their "modest" cottage whilst roasting a chicken, our hearts totally melted. What's better than cozying up to your sweetheart in a cashmere sweater with dinner in the oven and a new piece of bling on THAT finger? Oh yeah, marrying into the Royal Family and never having another care in the world (besides trolls, of course).

One of the gorgeous, timeless engagement photos the couple shared with the world when they announced wedding details. Swoon! Photo by Alexi Lubomirski.

There are so (so, so, soooooo) many articles out there about the details of the wedding: from the flowers to the cake, who's invited and how much ca$hola it's all going to cost, you could pretty much study up from now until the St. George's chapel bells ring promptly at noon local time tomorrow (6 AM Central). Today we're gabbing about how Mr. and Mrs. Adorable are taking cues from Bridechillas around the world and squashing the "norm", paving the way for a wedding day their way. The darling duo's wedding plans are still respectful of the Queen's rules and opinions - she was a huge part of the planning process and of course her formal consent was required for the two to tie the knot as Harry is sixth in line for the throne, but they're leaning into some more modern trends we love that no Royal Wedding has seen before. Let's talk about it.

When they knew, they knew - they've barely dated a year and a half

Harry and Meghan were set up on a blind date by a friend who just knew they'd hit it off - and all Meghan wanted to know was whether Harry was nice or not! Meghan's not a crown-chaser and instead just wanted someone to love and care for her, which she got pretty much immediately when introduced to the handsome Prince. Harry asked her on a second date while still rounding out the first, and just weeks later they were camping under the stars in Botswana on a comfy secret getaway before the world knew they were a pair.

The gorgeous ring is worth $350,000 and was designed by Harry using his mother Diana's diamond collection and a Royal reserve of Welsh gold.

A casual first reception

For the 600-guest afternoon reception while the newlyweds are parading through town in a horse-drawn carriage, guests will munch on fruit straight from Windsor Great Park and other yummy hor's doueuvres in the form of finger foods, which will be tray passed and stationed. Harry and Meghan wanted guests to have a chance to interact and mingle with them and the other guests while trying different hors d'ouevres in a more relaxed setting. Can't wait to see how casual they really mean! I'm LOL-ing at the thought of Queen Elizabeth eating a fried chicken tender on a cocktail napkin.

I hope she smiles all day tomorrow! She's so cute!

No adult bridal party

This is common for Royal Weddings, but even Kate Middleton had her sister Pippa as her Maid of Honor. Meghan said that she has such a close group of friends and didn't want to choose one over the other (what a sweetie)! While her mother Doria is the only family member from her side attending the wedding as of now, news just broke that Princes Charles is to walk Meghan down the aisle. BRB while we sob about how cute and sweet that is - what a warm welcome to the family!

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are among the ten little cuties who act as Page Boys and flower girls as part of the wedding party.

She's planning a Thank You speech

She really is so cool! We LOVE when a couple finishes out the toasts of the evening with a nod to the guests and their parents or whomever is "running the show" - in Harry and Meghan's case, the Queen! Word is that Meghan knew from the beginning that she wanted to stand up in front of her guests and give a heartfelt thank you to all involved in celebrating the love she and Harry share. Awwwwww.

But of course there will be peonies - they're Meghan's (and basically everyone else's) favorites! She'll pair these with white foxgloves and garden roses from the Queen's garden.

Wanna watch the nuptials? You can find viewing times and options here. I love me some Royal Brits but I'm not going to dive into all of the nitty gritty because #aintnobodygottimeforthat except the 100s of other blogs who already have, and more importantly we have our own special occasion to prepare for: Hannah and Tucker's wedding at The Coronado! You can find more info about the 018 Royal Wedding here, here and here.

PS, speaking of the internet...

Laurel or Yanny?


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