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Moms work HARD: to birth us. To raise us. To teach us. To drive us. To remind us to make that doctor's appointment. To make the appointment for us when we forget or are too lazy to do it ourselves. To comb the knots out of our hair at a young age (even though we probably screamed bloody murder the whole time) and to tell us for the fourteenth time how to properly cook rice when we first lived alone and rice cookers weren't a thing. To mold us into the women we are today.

That's why one of my favorite pieces of feedback to hear post-wedding from a newly married bride is that just by doing our job (making sure the timeline runs on schedule, overseeing vendor arrival and setup and setting up the reception to fulfill the couple's vision), we were able to allow their mom to spend the day with the bride and their family - to enjoy herself, to get pampered alongside the bride with a glass of champagne and not a thing to do. Moms run the show all of the time, so we strongly believe that they should be taken care of on their kid's wedding day - no eye rolls, no snapping at them for having an opinion and no physical work expected of them. When I met Lauren's mom Cathy Meeh (that's Momma Meeh to you, thank you very much), I just LOVED her. We clicked and we clicked and we clicked some more, and it was so fun getting to know her over the wedding planning process and afterwards over margaritas and fish tacos. Lauren and her mom are very close and they have a respect for one another that I deeply admire - even when they disagree they do it with grace and a few laughs in between their arguments. So when I thought about writing a blog post about Mother's Day, I knew exactly who to call: Momma Meeh to the rescue! Read on for her beautiful insight about her dreams for Lauren and how those dreams came to fruition as well as some awesome advice for moms taking part in their child's wedding planning.

Photo by Lauren Muckler

MM: Some girls grow up thinking, talking, and planning their wedding from a young age. Lauren was not one of those girls. I would never classify her as a girly girl. While Lauren was growing up, I wanted two things for her: a good education that would provide her the ability to take care of herself, both emotionally and financially, and to find a man that “adored” her when she got married. Now what does that mean? To me it was a man who knows how to be a man… a man to protect her, a man to tell her she is beautiful when she was in sweatpants, or when she came home after a long day at work looking rag ragged. A man that would open a door for her and bring flowers for no reason. A man who would grab her hand when they were walking down the street. A man whose eyes light up when he looks at Lauren. I never dreamed of that huge princess wedding for her. I just wanted her to fall in love forever. As a mom, I did my best trying to teach her that love was not always like the movies. Once you get married and have a child, there are real life days with dirty dishes, dirty clothes, dirty house, no make up, house work, paying bills, and making adult decisions everyday about your job, what’s for dinner, and how are we going to put gas in the car. What you want in a husband is someone to do those things with you and help you through the day to day struggles and triumphs. When the pastor says through richer or poorer, sickness and health, better or worst those words have DAILY meaning. Not all of (Lauren's) dates were great … and some were even awful, but that helped her find what she did NOT want in a husband. Then came Drew.

Lauren got everything her mom wanted for her and more in Drew. They're a match made in heaven.

Photo by Lauren Muckler

SGO: You and Lauren are very close. Did you butt heads during wedding planning at all?

MM: When Lauren came out of college we had money set aside for her wedding. She decided she wanted to buy a house and not rent an apartment. Her father and I said we would give her the wedding money for a house, but reminded her when it came time for her to get married the wedding would be her responsibility and she agreed. Lauren and I were very close during the planning process, but I knew because Lauren found her voice this day was about her and Drew. We did not butt heads much because this was “her” wedding. If I could give any advice to moms planning wedding please remember this is not about you. It’s about your daughter.

SGO: What were your favorite parts of wedding planning and the wedding itself?

MM: I loved when we went dress shopping. About the fourth or fifth dress Lauren walked out of the dressing room and I instantly knew that was “the dress.” Lauren has always been a little indecisive and wanted to “sleep on” the decision. The next week Lauren called to order the dress and I knew it was going to be her dress her Aunt Denise and I split the cost and giving Lauren her wedding gift from Denise. There are no words to describe your daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. On the day of the wedding, there is no way I could pick a favorite moment. I loved watching her get ready with her friends, the first look with her dad, Drew and Lauren’s first dance, and being surrounded by family and friends. It was a celebration of two families coming together and sharing their love for the couple.

Photo by Lauren Muckler

SGO: How did you and Drew's mom work together to create such a lovely experience for Lauren and Drew? MM: Drew’s mother and I worked great together. She let Lauren make all the decisions. While at the meeting with the Boo Cat Club. Lauren was talking about the bar and she was going to have the first package, which was beer and wine. For me, the bar and the party with our friends was important so we decided to upgrade the bar package and help them pay the difference. Then Drew’s mom felt valet parking was important to her and she paid for that. Italian cookies where important to Drew’s mom, so she took on that expense.

SGO: ​What is your advice for brides who want things their way when it comes to their wedding but don't ​want to hurt their mom's feelings if they don't like something they've suggested?

MM: There will be conflicts when planning a wedding and there will be differences of opinions. My advice is for all parties to keep an open mind and an open dialogue throughout the planning process. This will help everyone be able to state what’s on their mind before dismissing an opinion or idea. Listen to each other and explain why it is important to have that item, order of events, song, reading, etc included in the wedding ceremony or reception. Is it tradition or personal preference? Always remember to show respect to both sides and end the end compromise. Both parties want the day to be perfect and not have any extra complications along the way.

Photo by Lauren Muckler

SGO: What is your advice for mommas who want to be involved in wedding planning, but also want to avoid conflict?

MM: If I could give three pieces of advice they would be the following:

  1. Remember this is your daughter’s day.

  2. Set realistic expectations.Remember, this is the real thing and not a planned movie set … everything costs money and it adds up quick!

  3. Last but not least, GET A WEDDING PLANNER. If you don’t have a planner plan the entire event, GET A WEDDING PLANNER FOR THE MONTH/DAY OF THE WEDDING. Let the wedding planner help with details, timelines, and sweat the little things the day of the wedding so you can enjoy the time with your daughter and her friends.

Photo by Lauren Muckler

Happy Mother's Day to Momma Meeh and all of the wonderful moms I get to know through SGO Brides! It's a pleasure to learn from you all and be there to experience some of your happiest moments on your child's wedding day. Thank you for all you do.



Photography: Lauren Muckler

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