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He Said/She Said: Blair and Richie's wedding recap!

After a wedding, it's really such a bummer but sometimes I don't stay in frequent communication with my couples. It's no one's fault, really - life just kind of happens and we all get too busy to catch up regularly! Of course we say hi every so often and/or become Facebook friends, but that's often the extent of it. That's not the case for Blair and Richie. Not only did they model for me in a styled shoot last summer (thanks guys!), but Blair has done some work for me (I HATE EXCEL), we've made lunch plans, texted regularly about life in general and gushed over our shared obsession Jane The Virgin (if you haven't seen it - clear your schedule and begin binging now. Season 4 was just uploaded to Netflix, yay!)

I saw a recap article of a wedding in BRIDES magazine while on a plane a while back which asked the couple their favorite parts of wedding planning, and I thought it would be so fun to begin a series of blog posts inspired by this. Who better to start with than one of SGO's very first clients, Mr. and Mrs. Levin!!! Let's get to it. He Said/She Said begins NOW:

SGO: Tell us how you met and fell in love!

R: We did not really begin dating or have any interest in each other right away. It just kind of happened naturally, focusing on having fun and getting to know each other. And shortly later realized I loved enjoying life with her and couldn't see myself without her in my life.

B: We met when Richie’s Family took over Pumpernickles Deli. I had been working there since I was 15. We started dating after our holiday party in 2013 and everything with him just felt so natural and I couldn’t imagine doing life without him!. We got engaged in Jamaica in December 2015. Richie set up a candlelight dinner and on my dessert plate was a paperweight diamond ring and in chocolate said "will you marry me"?

Photo by Ashley Fisher Photography

SGO: What were the top three most important things to you as a couple when it came to your big day and why?

R: Food, Family and friends, and enjoying the moment of it all. Blair will tell you I did not care what we specifically did (albeit I knew I was not getting a choice lol), but more concerned on sharing this wonderful moment in our lives with our family and friends. However, we love food and that was definitely the most important item on the list.

B: Family & Friends, Food & living in the moment the entire night! Richie didn’t care about any of the details at all! He told me “tell me when and where and I'll be there!” The only thing he came to was the tasting because we just love food!!

On the way to dinner like...

SGO: Where did you go on your honeymoon? Was it right away or down the road a bit? Were you happy with your choice of location and timing?

R: Loved our honeymoon. I felt it was the perfect timing to get away and relax, and the Dominican was beautiful. I would go back in a heart-beat.

B: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We did not go right away, we planned to go at the end of January and then the morning before we were suppose to leave I ended up in the hospital and had to have emergency surgery to have a kidney stone removed. We ended up rescheduling and went in March. We loved the location it was SO beautiful and SO relaxing.

Photo by Ashley Fisher Photography

SGO: Does it feel different to be married?

R: Doesn't feel any different other than getting used to using the phrase "my wife". Other than that, nothing really. I felt like we have always been completely open and comfortable around each other...almost as if we've known each other forever.

B: Doesn’t feel any different. The only things that I’ve had to get used to is saying “my husband” and the fact that I have a new last name!!

SGO: What was your drink of choice on wedding day?

R: We were so busy that I only had 2 drinks, and they were both vodka-cranberries with lime.

B: Vodka Cranberry

(SGO: Two peas in a pod, these two! ^)

Photo by Ashley Fisher Photography

SGO: If you re-plan any aspect of your wedding day/weekend, would you? What would it be?

R: If I could have changed the weather to be a little warmer, I would have. Other than that, Blair planned the perfect wedding and I wouldn't change any of it.

B: The only thing I would have changed would have been to have more time to go around to tables to thank everyone for coming!

SGO...and now they're #LevinHappilyEverAfter! Thanks to Blair and Richie for being the first He Said/She Said featured couple. You guys are amazing! I'm hoping to do another one soon, so be on the lookout for the next in the series! If you are an SGO couple and are interested in being featured, call me, beep me! You know my digits :)

Photo by Ashley Fisher Photography


Venue: The Chase Park Plaza (and the fabulous Michele Johnson led the event as the Event Manager)!

Video link here



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