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Jingle bells, wedding bells, Bellflower Crafts all the waaay!

It's Wednesday, November 15th and I'm casually sipping coffee, looking over my task list for the day and responding to emails when I realize....OH MY GOD IT'S WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15TH!!!! The holidays are quickly approaching and this year they've crept up on me like adults warned me they would when I got older (but back then I was like, "Mom, I'm a kid, is it Christmas yet?"). Am I excited for family time, beautiful holiday decorations, fireside cocktails and enjoying every bit of the delicious treats that will eventually lead to my annual 5 lb holiday weight gain? Abso-freaking-lutely. Have I once again let time fly by without even considering the fact that if I want to send out holiday cards, I pretty much needed to do it yesterday? Uh huh, honey.

Enter: Vasilisa Mironova, SGO's fabulous intern who is sadly moving away in about a month following her graduation from Lindenwood University. You may have read about Vas and her crazy busy life in our most recent blog post. She's busy finishing out her college degree, working super hard as SGO's right hand woman, teaching synchro and overall just being awesome, but on top of all of that she's also running her own business creating super beautiful & unique greeting cards, Bellflower Crafts. I sat down & chatted with her about why she started her company and what she offers so Saving Grace Occasions couples, friends and family can benefit from the seriously beautiful quality cards, too!

SGO: How and why did you start creating and selling greeting cards?

VM: “Once I was shopping during Christmas time and my goal was to find a special Christmas card for my friends. I went to multiple stores, but did not find anything attractive that would fit the image of my friend. Later that day, I went online and start looking how to make one myself. There were many master classes, and in many of those people were using special tools that I have never seen before. At that time in Russia, we did not have any big craft stores such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, so the only way to get the special tools was to shop in tiny online stores. The card making process became my hobby and now several years later it transformed into a business - Bellflower Crafts."

You can check out their limited edition Autumn line by following @bellflower_crafts on Instagram and you'll also be the first to see the 2017 Holiday collection when it comes out soon! These beautiful handcrafted cards will be coming to my rescue this holiday season, but what I'm even more excited about is the wedding line. Here are a few of my faves:

SGO: What makes your cards different than ones we can buy at the drugstore?

VM: "I receive cards regularly from friends and love when there is a nice thoughtful note. But what about those ones that only sign the name or even not signing it at all? Since Bellflower Crafts’ primary focus is the process of handcrafting every card, we wanted to keep the specialty of the card by keeping it blank inside. The person will have to write a note inside and for those who write a lot, you have two full pages to deliver your message. BC makes cards that are ready-for-you (you can find those in the online store launching in February 2018), and in the local stores (on Main Street in St. Charles, MO). You can customize your card with all of the details you want on the two blank pages. Bellflower Crafts also makes custom greeting cards to match your couple best, custom wedding invitations, guest books, and more!"

So there you have it - Bellflower Crafts to the rescue! I've recently purchased some custom thank you cards for my clients and vendor friends from Vas and I can tell you that I truly love the product and will be purchasing more cards in the future. I kid you not when I say I have one of her creations framed in my home, they're that good! It's like how I try to make wedding flowers last a lifetime, only these cards actually can.

How to buy:

-Sliiiiide into Vas' DMs here

-Visit La Roserie, April's, Helen Nichols Design, or Picasso's on Main Street in St. Charles. Hit up a brewery and enjoy the beautiful scenery while you're there - I hear the holidays are what it's all about on Main Street!

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