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Destination Weddings: 4 Tips to Make It Worth the Trip!

It's been way too long since I've posted, and I'm totally kicking myself for that- but weddings cannot plan themselves and my clients* need me to help make big decisions about their wedding day, after all! I promise to be better at posting, recapping beautiful wedding days and sharing insight about planning a beautiful party to kick off the rest of a couple's life together.

It's a rainy day here in St. Louis, so I'm dreaming up destination weddings! A destination wedding is the type of wedding I can see planning one day for myself. Barefoot on the beach on with a suntan and the wind blowing in my hair is basically heaven to me, and that's just on a regular day. Wherever you're envisioning sand, snow or anything in between, let's talk four destination wedding tips that will aid you in planning a destination-inspired wedding that you and your guests will never forget:

1. Curate a fabulous menu complete with local cuisine & treat your guests to the culinary experience of a lifetime 🍤

Fresh, delicious food made by locals who know it best cannot be beat! Your guests will enjoy trying new foods in a place they've never (or seldom) visited. From start to finish, a cohesive theme that goes beyond taste should be taken into consideration. The venue, decor and people surrounding you may set the mood, but beautifully designed menu cards and local products prepared with great care go a long way.

2. Remember that photos last forever, so focus on finding the absolute best photographer for you and your sweetie! 📸

Photo by Ashley Fisher Photography

Whether you hire a local who knows your venue and its surroundings inside and out or you really vibe with someone from your hometown, go with your gut! A great photographer will ask all the right questions and get to know you on a deeper level as a couple before they take your wedding photos. Be sure to ask your photographer questions about their travel requirements as well as rain or weather contingency plan - it is so important to have a "Plan B". It's also a good idea to ask your venue about permits for photographers and other vendors you'd like to bring in, as resorts often have strict policies when doing so.

3. Visit before wedding day. ️✈️

Photo by Alex Nardulli

Yep, this means you get to take a pre-wedding vacation! Even if it's just for a few days, I recommend scoping out the venue so you can avoid stress during the planning process. Other things to do while vacationing to your wedding location with your sweetie: meet the Venue staff and discuss wedding details, inquire about, research and meet local vendors, find cute coffee shops/lunch spots to recommend to guests traveling in, take engagement photos, try local cuisine, make memories, take photos to later dream up decor and enjoy your engagement! This time flies by so quickly, so don't let a minute go to waste!

4. Know that with a smaller guest count as most destination weddings incur, you may be able to see your dream wedding vision come to life more so than if you were to host an at-home wedding. 🎉

Photo by Ashley Fisher Photography

The top tier bar package, fine art decor, a seriously chic tablescape complete with customized decor and specialty linens and that gorgeous dress you've been eyeing for 3 seasons but could never afford are just a few of the items you may actually be able to fit within your budget when you've got a skinnier guest count. Of course the disadvantage is that you may not be able to invite every single person you originally wanted to, but the upside is a carefully curated wedding from start to finish pieced together like you've always Pinned (just imagine the photos!). In addition to a totally flawless tablescape and a luxury evening, you can always plan a more casual get-together after the "I Dos" with all of your favorite people back home. A party's a party and those who love you and yours will be thrilled to continue the celebration in a more casual setting upon your return as a newly married couple. You could even decorate the after-party with framed photos from the big day!

One last tip: Saving Grace Occasions offers destination wedding planning and we've got plenty more tricks up our sleeves to make sure your destination wedding is a trip worth taking. Email us today at for help with everything from choosing a wedding destination to putting the final touches on the guest's welcome bags (and so much more)!

​* I HATE this word! It feels so corporate and impersonal. Each of my couples mean so much to me!

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